The Skiing ABCs N

The Skiing ABCs N -- a cube with N on the faces
The Skiing ABCs N
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Today, in The Skiing ABCs N we discuss a few ski terms beginning with the letter N. This was a tough one, and I am guessing I am missing some terms, what can you think of, please leave some suggestions in the comments.

The Skiing ABCs N — Niseko

Niseko is the ski area famous for its everful mountain of POW! Niseko is located on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and experiences a very temperate climate. The mountain is blessed by cold dry winds blowing from Siberia. Those cold dry winds soak up tons of moisture crossing the Sea of Japan and deposit that snow on the mountain. I have heard of multiple stories (fables perhaps) of people skiing a run of pristine pow and their second run on the same trail is AGAIN PRISTINE POW! Sign me u

Hokkaido’s biggest city is Sapporo the home of the beer and they hold a winter festival in February. Travel guides inform me it is wise to plan your trip carefully to avoid the near holidays of Australia Day and the Chinese New Year.

Be sure to take in some Japanese food and what ski trip is complete without hottub time? Japan specializes in hottubs they call onsen. Many of their onsens are natural and of course onsen is popular in Japan the monkeys even partake of it!

Niseko is on my must do list.

The Skiing ABCs N — NASTAR

NASTAR is an open race league featured at many ski and snowboard resorts across North America. Each participating resort sends a pacesetter to a meeting and they ski. Each pacestter gets a handicap and then the resort sets up their course their pacesetters ski the course. From their results is what the public skis against. Typically each skier pays a small fee for two runs and then they get their times and if their time falls into the correct range for their age-sex-discipline bracket they receive an appropriate pin.

NASTAR then invites the best racers from each resort to compete at NASTAR nationals.

NASTAR is nice test of your ability to turn on another’s dime. I have seen people taking it quite seriously — even wearing ski race suits. Of course, I have seen people horsing around with it as well. It is all good fun and Olympic team skiing skills are not need to win a pin!

The Skiing ABCs N — Norquay

Mt. Norquay is a ski and snowboard resort in the Canadian Rockies. Another jewel in the crown that is Banff!

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