Why Ski?

Why not?

Why do I ski? I ski for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason I ski is to get outside during the winter. I recall in the days before I skied and before my days in the UAE. After the holidays there was just not a whole lot for me to do outside. I would have to stay cooped up in the house when not cooped up at work. That is a sure way to drive yourself crazy during the winter. It is bad enough it seems like there is only a few hours of sunshine (when it does shine) during the winter but not to get out in it makes it worse.

Then in late February the fishing catalogs would start rolling in, and you guessed it. I would start to get anxious for fishing season and its attendant warmth & sun to come. Guess what, it was just a huge tease and made the time drag on even more.

Now I ski and once the holidays are past us I have something to look forward too. You know, prior the holidays I am kept focused on the various hiking seasons (sly-wink) we have in Wisconsin and I participate in those.

However, after the holidays than it is onto the ski season.

I ski to hang with my family and friends. I ski to get outdoors. I ski for the exercise. I ski for the thrills. I ski for the intense focus NASTAR skiing forces on me. I ski for the good times to be had before, during, and after skiing.

Ergo ski sum!

Good Stuff!


  1. I can certainly relate. Although I started skiing when I was 10 so I cannot remember many winters without skiing. I am very fortunate. Your Latin – Ergo Ski Sum – My Latin is rusty but I am assuing you are sayin I ski therefore I am, or something to that effect. I like the Latin touch.

    The focus you find that Nastar requires – I agree and it is certainly true for the steep and the deep as well as the race course.

  2. Mountainskier,

    Thanks for coming by and dropping some comments, I appreciate it!

    I skied when I was probably 7 or so and then again when I was 14 but it did not take into me as a serious pastime until my return from the UAE. Yeah, when skiing in any situation that is challenging the focus really concentrates and I like that. The times I ski when there is a lot of crud and chopped up snow requires it especially if you add in other factors.

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