From One Ski Resort to Another

From one season to another.

I never got a certain connection I was living until last weekend. It has to do with music and skiing.
Back in 1986, 1988 (or was it 1987?), and 1989 I spent one to three days at Alpine Valley, however, I was not skiing, I was attending Grateful Dead concerts.

The first time I just saw one show and that was it, the later two years were multiple shows where I spent the nights. The ’89 shows are memorialized on a DVD you can purchase and that is Downhill from Here. I have recordings of the ’89 shows and one of the “albums” I have on my MP3 player is the July 17, 1989 show. That show (like all three of the ’89 shows) is awesome.

So, I was skiing this last weekend and that show came on and I got to thinking about it and all of a sudden it hit me, this show was performed at a ski resort and now I am at another ski resort listening to it. What a great show to ski to, too! Problem is synchronizing the music with the skiing and the lifts, it seems great songs to ski to are always on while I am riding the lift up.

What music do YOU like to ski to?

Good Stuff!

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