Thinking About Skiing While Skiing

One thing I like about skiing is the intense concentration it can force upon myself. Skiing gates is about finding that ideal line and the next gate or at most the gate past the approaching one.

That said, I have a hard time turning into words exactly what I do to steer around the ski runs. How about you?

There are some fundamentals I can explain. The most important is to keep you body poised in a good athletic stance as much as possible. Do not lean too far forward, do not lean to far backward, do not ski stiff-legged, and do not flex too far down. I guess that is one thing typically I notice is when I get forced into an off balance position, usually they are not too severe; getting out of balance too much often times is not noticed as I am focused on the snow that I am splayed out on.

One term bandied about frequently in ski literature is unweighting. In order to get your skis to carve in a different direction you need to get your weight transferred. It is a mystery to me on how I accomplish that, especially now that it has been a number of days since I have skied. I know I do it, but it is as natural as walking. I do not think about walking.

Pole planting is something I am starting to do regularly. I used to use my poles exclusively as whiskers and for balance, but now I am pole planting more and more. I am still not certain on what pole planting gets me, but I do notice it helps to enforce a rhythm and one time I was planting with some force and noticed I was able to keep even with my brother.

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