This is the End

My ski season closed a little more than one week ago. I used up my last pre-season lift ticket and even if there are specials to take advantage of, I am not real keen to take advantage of them late in the season. Do not misunderstand me, skiing is still happening, but I just do not want to ski anymore. Indianhead and Brule report snow is falling as well as they are making it. I have made a deliberate choice and declared my season over.

This is the fate of every ski season and like most things coming to an end I anticipate and look forward to that ending, and yes, there is an irony in that.
One reason I probably start looking forward to the end of ski season is the conditions are much poorer, soft and slow snow. Soft and slow skiing is better than no skiing, but it certainly is a lot less fun than a good cold snow pack. Plus a lot of my skiing is at the indulgence of my wife (my wife does not ski) who tolerates my weekends away but is never very keen about them, especially when I am away consecutive weekends as I was at the end of this season. The last reason is of course summer. Summer’s warmth is something I do miss. I like winter, but let us face it, winter brings high home heating costs, treacherous roads, and lots of darkness. Who does not like the sunshine and warmth?

I will miss skiing but it will be good to get back into summer activities.

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