Skiing and Abba — Planting a Seed

The Fruit of a Tree Whose Seed I Planted Six Years Ago

People in front of Suburban -- Skiing and Abba
The Origjnal Abba Bus! Getting Ready to Leave Cañon City Colorado.

Skiing and Abba

Abba as you are probably aware were a 70s industrial band (ie it was mass production music) that carry on in all sorts of pop-culture. With the Momma Mia musical being set in sun soaked Mediterranean setting most folks probably do not associate Abba with skiing.

However, I am an exception. Around ten years ago when my brother owned a Chevy Suburban and it had the stock music system with a CD player. My brother having eclectic music tastes has a Abba hits CD and his truck’s CD player decided to break down with that CD in it. So for quite some time the only choice we had aside from radio was the Abba music. Where we usually ski is sparsely populated so what radio there is usually not very appealing or is so hit and miss (the station plays AC/DC and then immediately afterwards is some Justin Bieber). So for a winter or two we would be driving around the UP of Michigan listening to Abba and in 2010 I wrote:

ABBAWhen growing up Abba’s heyday was slightly before my time, when Abba was big on the current charts I was listening to Kiss or not aware of music. I had consigned Abba to the music bins I had for disco and WOMT music. It seems odd older guys set on getting some dinner after a hard day of skiing would always choose to listen to Abba.

In fact, it was not a choice. It was a stuck CD in my brother’s old suburban. For nearly one whole year or two ski seasons my brother’s Greatest Hits of Abba CD was stuck in his CD player. So it was either radio or Abba, so why did we opt for Abba? Who knows, it is all very funny and is causing me to chuckle. Even now, when we are together will talk about this and laugh it up at that.

However, now whenever I hear Abba music I flashback to those dark desolate wintery nights driving around Ironwood, Wakefield, and Bessemer looking for a place to eat. That truck was clunkerized last summer but those memories will be with me till my end. That is one reason I ski.

Now, Mt. Bohemia is playing up Abba and Skiing:

In fact, I became aware of the Mt. Bohemia Abba bus by someone leaving a comment on my piece I refer to above. So, maybe I flatter myself, but I really believe the Mt. Bohemia video is the fruit from a tree whose seed I planted six years ago.

Skiing and Abba, who would have ever thought there was a connection?

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