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One thing I find myself doing more and more often, is shying away from Twitter usage when I am on the laptop or our desktop and confining the reading and writing of Tweets more and more by mobile phone.

I have been thinking of this for sometime now, since I got my Android phone and I find myself spending the majority of my social media (SM) usage is reading tweets. This includes retweets and my own tweets too. However, most of that Twitter usage is on my non-ski account. I would like to add that I am mostly using HootSuite, especially now I am finding out how to access most of the twitter functions one needs.

On that non-ski account most of the follows I have are people engaged in Twitter conversations and shares. They find an interesting article and push it out or engage in conversations with each other. It also helps that I have met with these folks or have had close online relationships already established before Twitter came out. However, I have a few very definite one-way tweeters out there on that account.

I need to prune my follows on my @WisSkier account and this time by using a more stringent policy than the do they follow me. They may follow me, but do they really? I think a number do not, and I’m not talking about those too busy or those enaged in other conversations to pay me heed, I’m talking about some very obvious follows who in the span of about 30 minutes crank out dozens of tweets a number of them being tweets I’ve seen dozens of times before.

Be human and take some sort of interest in what I have to say, not just my material, but when I respond to your material.

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