Be Not Afraid!

Lately, the words have been flowing like a gusher of fine olive oil. Not only, have the ideas of topics to write about been coming fast and furiously, but I have been making the time and taking the effort to get them out! I know there are probably at least a half dozen ideas I have forgotten about in this creative spurt I am undergoing.

The writing is like so much else, you have to let go of the fear. What fear is involved in writing, you think that a silly statement? Fear of going on the record, fear of getting something wrong, fear of not winning the Pulitzer prize, fear of stuffing up the grammar and punctuation, fear of….

Yeah, nothing like the physical fear that seizes us when trying to pitch ourselves down that headwall the first time, but it is fear none-the-less. Again, a constant theme in a lot of my writing of late is the need to leave the fear at the brink of the headwall and attack. Get over the center of your skis and drive those boards on the way down the headwall, write that “silly” little article, or ask that stranger to buy something from you. In fact, does not The Holy Bible counsel us to be not afraid?

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