ESPN — Shame On You!

While this is not a ski post, it is about sports (and will lead into a post or two about skiing) and performance enhancing drugs (aka PEDs).

Recently, ESPN broke a story about the Milwaukee Brewer’s star Ryan Braun. It was a devastating report, and most reactions (in fact, I did not see a single dissent in my networks) were that of let down in the fact that Ryan Braun was not real.

However, SI has a decent article on this affair. In the article it stated that Braun had plenty of time to get clean prior the second test and that there are allowed substances that will elevate one’s testosterone levels, but those substances come with a detectable sign that was not present in Braun’s initial test.

However, the most important snippet is this:

According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the process was supposed to remain confidential

That is, the story was released with ESPN dictating the ending prior to the ending being set. This is a shame, the SI article concludes with a surprising conclusion, and that is, MLB drug testing is working. This is based on the fact a big MLB star is under the gun for drugs.

However, the fact is, ESPN broke this story before the conclusion of the process is set, and no matter the result of the process, Ryan Braun is forever tainted. Where is HIPAA?

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