First Snow

Definitely for ALL skiers
For All Skiers
I am getting word that the folks Upnorth are receiving full on snow. @Ski_Brule tweets:

Snow … beautiful snow! Still coming down! 1″ So Far … Let It Snow, Let It Snow! You will need your goggles today!

Now, you may know that Ski Brule opened for skiing operations last Saturday (November 6, 2010), so they do not need snow, but we all know they do.

I sent a TXT message to my brother, father, and a good buddy who are currently Upnorth and they confirm that not only is it snowing, but snowing hard and report 2″-3″ of snow on the ground.

Once the summer is over, and Thanksgiving approaches I get anxious to see the snow. I keep cameras on hand to photograph the first snow, I enjoy the preparations a homeowner needs to take to greet the snows and cold of winter. I get nervous if I can not run my machines out of gasoline so I can add Stabil to the gas I put into them. I stake out my driveway so I know where the edges are (and the snowplow service if I hire one, which due to my work situation I just might), I yearn for nature to blanket the fallow fields with that quilt of white so the fields may take their rest. I look forward to viewing the shattered reflectors and lenses one sees at stop signs and lights and hope our vehicles do not contribute to the mess (I am confident that I will not be rear ending anyone, but am not so confident about others behind me).

Of course, the first snow also heralds the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Lots of time with family and friends. Taking time to renew our relationships and get caught up with people.

Even if you do not participate in winter sports (and I urge you to do so, even winter motorsports would be an improvement from sitting in the easy chair all winter long) you have to relish those first and early snowfalls. Just remember, take extra care in driving!

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