Putting a Hit on Life!

English teachers try to teach their students the difference between passive and active voices. What voice is that?

Our English teachers tried to teach us the difference between passive and active voices. How about that one, what voice?

This is not a writing lesson though, this is an attempt to try to encourage you to do to life, instead of having life do to you! Do not worry about life doing to us, life will get its licks in, how about you, will you get your licks on life in?

Doing to Life
Life Doing to You
Making firewood
Watching football
Writing an Article
Reading a Book
Making Dinner
Eating Out
Sitting in a Tavern
Admitting Weaknesses
Blaming the External


We all go into one mode or the other, after all we must consume water and food to sustain our lives. However, is your passive activity mindless or a choice? Instead of watching Swamp Loggers get out of your life’s easy chair and figure out how to fill that time with productive activity.  Yeah, your Jo-Job may have you beat down, but take an activity you enjoy, one you may pay to do and try to get people to pay you for that activity.

Good Stuff!

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