Skiing on the Edges Cures Many Ills

Recently I wrote about skiing on ice and how I barely notice when I ski on ice. I remember seeing ice and mentally freezing (pun intended) and putting on the brakes. Skidding on ice is something best avoided.

However, skiing in the opposite snow conditions can be equally challenging to the skidder. If you are not on edge, skidding through fluffencrud can be perilous, you feel every bump, every irregularity and they all work to throw you off balance.

However, the solution for both ski challenges is the same: be on edge. If it is fluffencrud, the edges cut right through it, and if it is ice edged skis can sink a good bite into it.

Think of a knife, move it across a pile of mashed potatoes and then move the knife through the potatoes edge first. Which way gets you to the solid of the plate much more easily? Then take that knife to butter, a flat knife does not give any direction control through the butter whereas a knife edge will engage the butter.

If you are comfortable on skis, but don’t think you have carving down yet here is a good video with some drills to give you a feel for what you need to do:

Good Stuff!

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