Ski Goals

Do You Set Ski Goals?

Do You Set Ski Goals?
Do you set ski goals? The only real goals I see people setting with regards to skiing is days on slope per year. I see many people talk up how they spent 70 days of a given year skiing somewhere or another. Another possibility is making a ski trip to a destination resort or something more significant than a weekend putting. Beyond those two possible goals, what ski goals can a recreational skier strive for?

Ski Goals — Professional vs. Recreational

I can see the likes of Ted Liggety or Laurren Ross setting ski goals. They are professionals and the amount they earn and their spots on the US Ski Teams depend on them setting and meeting high goals. I suppose coaches and sponsors expect so many podium spots, points, finishes, etc per year. Those are all very objective and very typical goals. How about the rest of recreational skiers? What goals can we strive for?

Ski Goals — Amateur Racing

Many resorts offer amateur ski racing. For example, NASTAR ski racing being one common race league and I know some resorts have their own racing leagues and it is very common for resorts to sponsor youth ski race teams.

However, there are many more skiers than there are amateur race skiers. So for the rest of them winning a NASTAR gold does not register as a goal.

Ski Goals — What Then?

The most common ski goal I see people striving for is the days on slope. Still, the number of people talking about their days on slope is probably even fewer than those talking about slaying the gates.

I suppose the most common ski goals involves taking a trip to a destination resort. For example, my goals in that area are a trip to Schweitzer and Killington. I could also add taking a trip with the Sly Fox Ski Club. I also set a goal to ski with friends and family during the year and that is without doubt the most important goal I have, to make sure I get turns in with very special friends.

I also set loose goals on skiing on more challenging runs, whether the challenge is due to steepness or bumpiness.

Ski Goals — Compared to Bike Goals

I like biking for the sake of biking, but biking is as much about penance as it is about joy, and due to the penitential nature of my view of biking I have to force goals on myself to keep at it. Plus it is easier to come up with goals for biking than skiing. People talk about their ride of X miles but they rarely talk about skiing in terms of miles (obviously, I’m talking about alpine skiing and not cross-country skiing).

Ski Goals — Do You Have Them?

Do you set ski goals? Please share your goals and if you do not have goals please share your thoughts!

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