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Sly Fox Ski Club of Appleton Wisconsin
Sly Fox Ski Club

Sly Fox Ski Club of Appleton Wisconsin
Sly Fox Ski Club
Are you a member of ski club? I suggest you join one if you are not! I myself am a member of the The Sly Fox Ski Club based in Appleton Wisconsin. My history with ski clubs has been off and on but now it is on for consecutive years, the major benefit is the ski trips but I view it as a chance to get out with people who have a common love and that is the love of skiing and snow sports.

The Sly Fox Ski Club meets every other week at The Bar on Lynndale Dr. The opening meeting for this year was on October 2, 2013 and continues on for the rest of the season. Even though the official meetings are during the fall and winter the members meet informally every week at various spots throughout the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.

So, what are the meetings like? Typically we start gathering an hour or so ahead of the official start time and we reserve a couple of tables. Prior the meeting we sit around socialize, eat, and drink.

Ski Clubs — The Primary Focus

The primary focus of the Sly Fox Ski Club is to travel together and negotiate better deals with ski resorts and lodging to make ski travel less expensive and more convenient for the members. However, any club also serves to foster friendships old and new, make connections, and gives you a chance to get out of the house and do something different.

Also, I find other folks who share my passion for bicycling, people who are in my line of work, and spending time with them is just fun!

Ski Clubs — Gelandesprung of Green Bay Wisconsin

Gelandesprung Ski Club of Green Bay WisconsinWe have a tight relationship with Gelandesprung Ski Club of Green Bay Wisconsin. We share trips and members from one ski club are welcome to join other’s trips and we co-participate in other activities.

Ski Clubs — Are You In a Ski Club?

So, are you in a ski club and why?

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