The 2011-2012 Snow Season in Review

Hot (76 ° F) Days at Brule
Good bye! I am never glad to see a snow season end, but this is about as close as I can get with the end of this season.

So, how was the 2011-2012 ski season?

Bad, very little about it was good.

the Good

  • Lindsey Vonn
  • Can there be any doubt about her phenomenal nearly record setting world cup season? Congratulations Lindsey on your great season.

  • My first day out.
  • My first day on the boards this season was great! A combination of exercise and watching world cup technique made for a great day out. It was a magical day of skiing.

  • Two Westside Trips
  • I made two extended trips to Big Snow Country. Great times, to get away and relax and of course on the second one hang with great people.

  • the Blackjack Season’s Pass
  • Got the number of punches I needed to make it pay and I really like skiing at Blackjack!

  • The Indianhead Condo
  • What a great idea that was! We rented a condo with some friends instead of lodge hotel rooms. We cooked our dinner and breakfast. Once the skiing was done, we could relax instead of having to drive to a supper club, plus the company was great!

The Bad

  • Where was Sunshine?
  • I only skied one day in something resembling sunshine and even then there was substantial clouds moving in and out.

  • The lack of snow.
  • Lack of snow affects not only skiing but all forms of winter recreation and a lack of snow hurts a lot of businesses I wan to see thrive. It was even noticeable here at this website.

  • The late start
  • I need to work harder on getting on the snow sooner and more.

  • The early end
  • Usually, skiing is going on at all of the resorts at Brule and in Big Snow Country, but they all have been closed for a week now.

  • Skiing Solo
  • I usually ski with family and friends, however, this year our calendars rarely matched up and usually I was skiing by myself.

  • Another End of Season Injury
  • My left side will remind me of the last day for some time yet to come. I was making good progress on recovery and when loading up the truck last Thursday I pulled a muscle and right now my whole left side is wracked by muscle spasms.

The Ugly

  • Avalances
  • While avalanches are not a concern here in the Upper Midwestern USA they are out West and in Europe. From all I can see, avalanches and avalanche deaths were up markedly this season, with a number of well known snow enthusiasts killed.

  • Never mind the avalanches
  • By all those same accounts, the number of non-avalanche snow fatalities was also up markedly this year. Barely a week went by without a a google news story passing on the reports of yet another skier getting killed (including a teenager from Wisconsin) on the slopes.

Well, 2011-2012 ski season goodbye, I will miss you, but not too much.

Good Stuff!


  1. This season ended early but overall it was good experience. The lack of snow couldn’t stop me from skiing and spending time with my friends.

  2. Mike,

    Agreed, there is no such thing as a bad ski season but the last one was at the bottom of my rankings, it was a biter having a a handful of pre-season passes in my hand with the resorts closed.

    Thanks for commenting and please return and share!

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