You Can Free Ski, but Can you Ski Gates?

Ski Brule hosts races on a regular basis. Usually younger competitors ages 12-15 and under. Watching those kids ski during the day is real fascinating, no fear lots of comfort and they ski fast and furiously. At least when free skiing.

Last spring I watched them closely on the race courses. Not so impressive (not a knock) when they have to ski according to another’s whim.

Of course free skiing is always easier, because you can always say I meant to do that. However, very rare in daily life can one get away with that. We are always measured by others, by our peers, by our subordinates, and by our superiors and even in our personal lives we have to navigate life around the gates imposed by others.

Making sounds on a musical instrument is easy. Harder yet it is to master the instrument to make it do what you want to do. However, if you join a band or a symphony then you are no longer free to make it up and you have to play it in conjunction with others. The conductor is not there to give you encouragement in doing your own thing (unless you are the soloist in a concerto and even then the scope of improvisation is limited) their job is to make sure you hitting your notes at the right time — that is your are turning at the same place (the analogy to skiing gates) everyone else is turning.

You may be great at what you do, but unless you can turn on another’s whim you will never win gold.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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