Coming up with Topics to Write About

Coming up wiht topics to write about
The Pencil is Sharp, but the Mind Can Be Dull! Image Source: Pixabay

Can be challenging even during ski season, how much more when skiing is out of season?

Those of you who have hung in there with me and continue to read this site can probably see the drop off in topical material, but who can blame me? Even if I had the means to go to the Southern Hemisphere to continue skiing I would not do so, I do like the summer too.

Even during the ski season it could be tough to come up with material to write about, but a friend of mine who works the website: E1evation reminded me of Google alerts. Go to Google, sign in (or create) with your account, and you can set up e-mail alerts to searches on phrases or words of interest to you. That worked well for me, and led to a number of stories here, including a few that did get some attention.

I find that it is easy to get inundated with such alerts. I currently have nine set up and 147 messages waiting for review and the folder these notes get sent to retains the notes for a maximum of two days. Even then, you have to read them and skim them over and probably follow a number of links before hitting something useful or inspiring. Some of my searches are useless, I have one set up for a local ski resort and I get mostly coin-collection related alerts on that one. Right now though, that does not help much as I don’t even have the inspiration to keep up with that aid.

I keep my eyes on Twitter (please follow me: @WisSkier) for alerts from others on emerging ski stories and that too has led to a number of posts. Of course, the Winter Olympics was happy days for this author, and made this effort easy, especially with other interesting twists involving the ownership of Whistler-Blackcomb.

Other items just come from whimsy and recognizing things that fit in with skiing. As I have said before, reading other ski writers has helped me to open up to the possibilities on all sorts of topics. My writing does not have to skiing as the central topic, nor do I feel as if I have to write a Pulitzer winner every time.

Good Stuff!


  1. Hi Mark,

    Believe it or not, I even struggle with things to come up with on taxes from time to time. The problem I have is trying to write on complex issues on a level that is actually helpful to the reader. I appreciate your perspective and the hint for the google email alerts.

    I also liked your bike riding topics, too. And I love what you had to say about every post doesn’t have to vy for a Pulitzer. I agree!

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks, that was probably the biggest obstacle I had to overcome, not every piece had to be of monumental importance. I remember reading Ski Magazine’s back page column which are now reprise columns from Warren Miller and it just boggled my mind how he could come up with the topics. Funny thing is, the topics were/are all obvious it just had to occur to me to write about them.

    Every now and then I come up with what might be considered unique angles and sometimes I can get them to publication.

    I can imagine this is the situation with any topic. Even when you are deep into it, it is hard to judge what is good topical material. When in doubt, I often leave it to the reader to decide. As far as you having hard times coming up with topics for taxes, you are on a roll with your series on day trading and taxation, very informative (not surprising) and interesting.

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