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I launched this site back in 2004 or so, I can not recall the exact date (w/o having to pull up the old site and finding the date of the first post) and I resurrected this site at the end of December and early January.

Back then I found it hard to come up with material. The funny thing is, I would read Warren Miller’s backpage in Ski Magazine and find him writing about trifling matters, of course, the reads were always great. Not only were much of his columns centered on trifling matters, but they were things that are obviously ski related.

Problem is, I held myself to a high standards. I was always attempting to write a Pulitzer winning (go on, laugh I am too) column. I wanted my posts to be all weighty and directly related to skiing. It did not occur to me, to write about the whole experience. Riding up to the happy carving grounds is always a part of the trip I enjoy, so why not write about it? Having a pitcher of beer after skiing watching the Badgers in the NCAA tournament, it is not skiing but I bet you I will be doing just that in a ski lodge soon.

Another topic I felt shy about touching was ski technique. Back then I was an aspiring low-level intermediate skier and did not feel as if I was in a position to talk about technique. Obviously, I am a better skier now and feel more confident on the slopes. While I may not be the one to talk about attacking Birds of Prey or that field of VW Beetle sized moguls on the nasty steep, I can give guidance to a lot of people on beginner and intermediate skiing.

Now, I am a lot less fussy about what I publish. Since bring this site back into activity, I have had at least one article per day publish. Granted, some of the articles are reprised from the old site, but far and away the material is all new.

One last factor is dedication. When I started this site up, I was working on at least two other blogs and obviously my time, energy, and attention was split up between those other venues. Now, I am focusing only on this project, so the time and energy is there for me.

Skiing is something I am passionate about, now I have broken down some faux-walls I find it easy, at least, to come up with material to write about.

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