#LETTEDRIDE Why? Ted King’s Tour De France Disqualification

Ted King (source: Wikipedia)

Ted King (source: Wikipedia)

There is a small controversy swirling around the Tour De France discussion groups (see hash tags #TDF and #LETTEDRIDE) regarding the disqualification of Ted King from further participation in the Tour De France. The grounds for disqualification was a poor performance in the team time trial, he did not finish the race soon enough. He missed the saving time by seven seconds, he was racing with a shoulder injury, and he was on a regular road bike instead of a time trial bike.

LETTEDRIDE — Seven Seconds

Many people are saying “it was just seven seconds”, well the rule is clear and Ted did not meet the criteria by the rule, it really is that simple.

I am also seeing tweets that this rule is not being enforced consistently. If that is the case, then that is bad on the Tour De France but does not give any support to letting Ted back into the Tour de France.

LETTEDRIDE — The Shoulder Injury

In an earlier stage a crash injured Ted’s shoulder. So his supporters are saying the Tour should except him due to that injury. Sorry, one fellow riding with Team Sky (number 9) was riding with a pelvis fracture, he made the cut. The Team Sky rider held up and made the cut with an injury much more deleterious to bike riding performance, letting Ted ride would not be fair to that guy.

LETTEDRIDE — The Road Bike

This is probably the biggest factor in Ted’s disqualifying performance, the choice to ride his normal bike instead of his time trial bike. Not much to say here, but the reason they make time trial bikes the way they do is to prevent such events in the first place. Sorry, poor choice of gear and poor excuse.


I do not feel any pity on Ted King, he is at the pinnacle of the bike world and this mishap does not change that fact. If his injury affected his performance that much maybe being off the bike is best for his career anyway! This sort of thing occurs all the time in the world of golf, golfers have a bad day they finish so many strokes off of the lead and they are out, I have yet to see weepy press conferences with Tiger Woods after the disqualification from a golf tournament.

It is a learning experience for Ted and his team.

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