Tour De France Highlights

So far in this Tour De France I have four clips I remember.

  1. Tour de France — The Dog
  2. Towards the end of the second stage as the peloton was getting near the finish a dog had run onto the road. The dog was going back and forth, and then the owner went out to try to retrieve his dog, but then here comes the peloton which the owner saw and darted out of the road. The dog too saw the mass of bikers bearing down on it and just escaped being run down and fortunately all of the bike riders managed to stay up.

  3. Tour de France —The Horserider
  4. Most folks who run along the racers tend to do it on the road and on foot. However, a couple of people flanked the riders in style. The one was on horseback and holding a flag, on the other side of the road they flanked the riders with a pickup truck. Both the horseback rider and the truck driver were in the nearby fields and did not present any danger of disrupting the racers.

  5. Tour de France —The Yellow Weenie
  6. Of course, what grand bike race is complete without fools running along the riders. This particular fellow made his mark by wearing a yellow body suit that covered him completely. He was on the road and managed to run along quite a bit.

Good Stuff!

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