The Tour De France is Over

This year’s Tour De France is over. Nothing for me to watch until the Vuelta a Espana the last of the grand bike races for this year.

The Tour De France is Over — Team Sky

A Team Sky rider takes the Yellow Jersey for a second year in row. That is good and next year they could very well have two winners and another potential winner in Ritchie Porte.

The Tour De France is Over — Quintana!

Nairo Quintana ran his first Tour De France and takes second to Chris Froome, he won the king of the mountain competition and took the white jersey too (best young rider). I think we will see him bedeviling Team Sky riders next year.

The Tour De France is Over — Champagne and Cigars

I will hand it to the French on this count, Chris Froome was sharing some champagne with his team car and one rider was trying to light up a cigar on the road too. The finishing places were set, the only thing the riders had to do today was to finish, only some of the sprinters were intent on winning today’ stage.

The Tour De France is Over — Did You Watch?

Did you watch the Tour De France, what did you think of it this year and what were your highlights?

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