First Golf Swing

Went well.

Last Saturday we had some guests both of whom are avid golfers. So I broke out my golf bag and dropped a couple of balls in the backyard. I got my pitching wedge out set my sights on a target and took a full swing.

I hit the ball good and while I did not see it go, my witnesses said it was high up and landed about 20′ into the hay field. From the location information it sounds like I hit it straight too. However, that ball is still in the hay field and I expect to find it after first cutting.

The swing felt good and ready for the links this season. However, it is the driver I really want to swing! I bought a new driver last summer (at a JPGA rummage sale) and testing out a number of them I crushing the balls like I had not done in years! What it was, the salesman noted on my first swing I was “swinging down on the ball”, instead of nodding it off, I stopped and asked what that meant. He told me, so I made an adjustment in my stance and swing and *SMASH*! I tried a number of other clubs and in the opinion of the salesman the swing and drive with one club was better than the others, so I chose that club. I also purchased a new bag.

My old bag was a simple Wilson bag and was pretty ratty having spent a number of years in a garage corner. The colors were faded, the fabric on the edges was slightly tattered. The new bag I purchased (again it is not completely new it is used) is black and has more pockets built into it and better pockets for the clubs. In addition, it has a pop out stand. So, when walking the course the bag will not have to lay down flat on the course, I can just set it down, the legs pop out. This will make it quicker to exchange clubs near the green. Plus, it just looks better.

I need to teach Lorie the game (as if I am some sort of good golfer) and need to spend some time at a driving range.

Good Stuff!

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I like to golf, but am not very good. It sounds like you are working on making some good improvements on your game. It’s like anything in life, if we want to be good at something. we have to keep working at it and practice with the right moves. Good job!

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