Wakey Wake!


Within the last week the volume of tweets I am seeing is picking up immensely! It would be unbearable if the tweets were literally bird chirps.

Now mind you, the tweets I am talking about relate to a certain topic. Whatever could that topic be?


Now, many of our friends and colleagues (and perhaps a few of you) are starting to feel dread in your hearts as the first signs of the change of summer to fall and the implication that cold wind and snow is not too far behind. I can not quite say I’m ready for the summer to end, I have some landscaping chores that I need to do yet, I would like to get some more UpNorth summer time, some fishing in, some more time soaking in the lake, but I have no problems with fall. Making the wood, watching the local farmers harvest their bounties, the prospect of fresh apples and pears, the change of foods from light to heavier and hotter. Of course, days driving around the woods to our favorite grouse spots while listening to the Badgers & Packers on the radio is near a sacred rite of fall. I look forward to the fall much more than I do to mid-spring.

Then deer hunting and then


and by that time summer will seem so far away (both in front and behind). I will be sitting down in the basement in front of our fireplace and writing my next installments here. Maybe the material will not be so prolific, but I hope it will be every bit as enjoyable if not more so.

As noted, I am seeing a lot of tweets from my ski contacts and the tweets are mostly ski related. Ski Brule tweeted the other day that their ski operations for the 2010-2011 season just started up! I’ve been seeing tweets and FB communications from nearby Nordic Mountain and of course all the other ski bloggers I network with are getting geared up! It is nearly time for my annual ski dream!

Good Stuff!

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