Honey Stingers a Review

Honey Stingers Energy Chews
A quick shot of sugars to help sting the pedals a bit more and harder

Honey Stingers Energy Chews
A quick shot of sugars to help sting the pedals a bit more and harder
In my last WheelWednesday posting I discussed the use of energy chews in helping to increase bicycling performance. There are many brands to choose from and in this series I hope to give you an idea of which chew is the right one for you and your needs.

In this installment I review my favorite brand of energy chews: Honey Stingers. I talk about why I like them, how they help me, and yes their drawbacks. A buddy introduced me to Honey Stingers after a night of skiing at Granite Peak. initially, I dismissed them as some sort of Red Bull concoction but then I noticed them for sale in one of my bike gear catalogs. I then went on to learn what Honey Stingers are and are not. I ate them prior a ride and noticed the ride was better and since thing my approach to riding has not been the same!

Honey Stingers — Product Review Disclosure Statement

I purchased (with the exception of that first packet, which was a gift from a buddy without a financial stake in Honey Stingers) all products in this review with my own funds and on my initiative.

Honey Stingers — My Favorite Chews

I made the comment that Honey Stingers are my favorite chews and the reasons for this are:

  • Ease of Chewing
  • Honey Stingers are easy to chew and it makes a difference while I am biking. While I am chewing I am attempting to breathe as well and since I am biking I am also breathing hard. I would rather spend my time and energy breathing and as little time and effort chewing. Honey Stingers formulation makes for easy chewing and that is a big attraction for myself.

    Mind you, I have run into packages of Honey Stingers that were harder to chew (but no more so than other chews) but reading around pretty much indicates that is a result of age,to that is use them quickly.

  • Flavor
  • While the payoff is not having a tasty treat, it makes it all a lot better I do not have to force them down or suppress a gag reflex.

  • Natural
  • Or mostly so. Reading the ingredient list I see nothing that baffles me.

  • Anit-Bonk
  • Honey Stingers does the job and helps to keep my body cranking revolutions. Typically, I feel the need to consume some fuel about every hour or about every 16-20 miles (however, the ride I just completed was a 30 miler with just a packet of pre-ride Gatorade Prime juice). I feel the hunger coming on and I know I had better break open the pack and down them, because shortly after I feel the hunger I will feel the bonkage and unmistakable signs of hypoglycemia and the weakness that hypoglycemia brings.

Honey Stingers — The Drawbacks

Like all products there are drawbacks.

  • The Cost
  • In comparison to other chews Honey Stingers are not cheap.

  • Distribution
  • Honey Stingers are hard to find and I have to go to specialty stores along the lines of athletic specialty shops. I find other brands in almost all grocery stores.

  • The Packaging
  • The packaging is a pain to deal with. This is one point applicable to every energy chew I have had, some sort of Pez-like dispenser would help a lot.

I find the biggest drawback is the distribution, I can find another brand when I am at almost every grocery store and do stock up when I am in a store with Honey Stingers, but I am in a grocery store a lot more often.

Good Stuff!

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