The Click & Pop In My Shoulder

A couple of weeks ago writing of ski crashes I wrote:

I do a little self check first and if all checks out I pop up quickly so the ski patrol is not scrambling or people do not worry about myself. I pick up my gear, reassemble it all, click back, and fall back in line for my the next chair ride.

There is one time the self-check did not pass and that time I recall exactly what happened. This was years ago again I was fairly new to skiing and the day was very warm, I want to say the sun was out and the temperatuers were in the 50° F range.

Of course, with temperatures like that the snow was soft and any piles of snow piled up were the consistency of mashed potatoes and sking through them really put the break on your forward motion. I was skiing with a forward off-balance position and I went through one of those piles. The pile put the brakes on and I face planted. When I did my self check I noticed pain in my right shoulder and so I skied back to the lodge and tried to shake it all off. Shaking that one off took weeks, my ski day and season (it was over with or without the injury) was over.

That was maybe seven or eight years ago. Even now, when I raise my right arm and lower it to my right side I will hear and feel clicks and pops in that shoulder. I am sure it takes a couple of miles off of my fastball and some break off of my breaking ball but other than that it is completely functional.

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