Hottie Tubbies

You had a hard day of skiing, you are done with your dinner, and now what?

If you are staying at a ski lodge or are lucky enough to be so setup you usually pay a visit to the hot tub.

I recall being in Colorado and we were staying at a Ski Resort. It was our first day of skiing. The skiing was done, the dinner was done, and we put on our swimming gear and headed off to the pool. The resort had a standard swimming pool inside and then just outside of that was a hot tub. We hung out in the pool for a bit and then got our courage up to go dip in the hot tub.

You see, even though we are from Wisconsin none of us are in the polar bear club. In order to get into the hot tub you had to exit the building all dripping wet and enter into air that was very near 0° F! YIKES! Needless to say we moved quickly to get out, get to the hot tub, remove the cover and get in. Now, if the footing was sure that would not have been that big of a deal, but the area surrounding the hot tub was very icy. Of course, people dripping water both coming and going and that will ice up. Once in, however, it was sweet. My wife from tropical lands joined us and I wish I had a camera out there so her family back home could see her.

In addition, I believe the hot tub was therapeutic. I had a hard day of skiing with my legs giving out about half-way through the day. However, the next day, my legs were in fine shape. I expected to feel some of that tell tale soreness, but it was not present. I think the hot tub dip had something to do with it. However, important as the therapy was, the best aspect of that was seeing the delicate white snowflakes gently alight on the jet black hair of my wife.

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