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The Crossfit workout regimen is making quite a splash in fitness circles, of late. One of my online ski buddies & FB connections made mention of this and I checked it out, and it appeals.

Skinet has picked up on cross fit:

Crossfit is an all-out, holy-crap-I-can’t-go-any-harder work out. Variety is the name of the game, with anything from plyometics (explosive movements that increase speed and power), to weightlifting, to running. It will challenge your stamina, strength, and stability, leaving you sweating in a matter of minutes. This may sound like hell, but it’s not—it’s fun

Crossfit aims to workout the entire body across all sorts of different fitness criteria.

However, not all are enamored with Crossfit: go to the link above and read the comments.

When I was in high school wrestling, we had a two day cycle, dividing my fellow wrestlers into a lightweights and heavyweights. On day A, the weight room would be setup for the light weights. I forget the timings, but the idea was on getting as many repetitions as possible in during the time allowed, and then moving quickly with minimal pause between stations. Group B would spend that time in the mat room A-B-C wrestling (whistle blows, A&B wrestle and C officiates, whistle blows, B&C get ready to wrestle and A officiates, etc). The idea was on endurance and not just cardiovascular fitness (however, we did run a lot).

That is the idea I try to bring to my workout sessions. I may be working weights, but that is no excuse to take it slow.

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