Hot Tub Time Machine Review (password: SPOILER)

The Wisconsin Snow Bunny and myself went to a nearby movie theater and watched Hot Tub Time Machine and this is my review of the movie. If you have not seen it and want to see it not knowing details of the movie TURN AWAY NOW

I repeat:


This is now your third chance of avoiding having the movie revealed to you, you only have yourself to blame.

One last thing to be aware of, is this review addresses a number of adult themes.

I expected the movie would be a mash-up of the following three movies:

  1. Back to the Future
  3. Hot Dog

The movie hit my expectations square on and in the order I note above. The predominant movie component was Back to the Future, but I guess any time travel movie will have a hard time avoiding such, as it is just too easy to develop gags and awkward situations. Of course, Marty McFly was able to come out smelling like roses all the time, but the characters in this movie were not and in fact, a major focus of the movie was the characters having to relive nasty experiences.

The movie starts out with three separated buddies going through their routine loser lives. One of them, a big Motley Crue fan (hereafter referred to as the Crue Dude) nearly kills himself by CO (that be carbon monoxide and not Colorado) poisoning while in a drunken stupor and in the aftermath the other two are summoned to the hospital since Motley Crue dude has no family wanting to deal with him anymore. In the hospital they resolve to go to their old favorite ski resort and the bastard nephew gets dragged into it (20 year old basement dwelling, video game playing, couch potato). The Crue Dude and the and the bastard nephew hate each other. That hate foreshadows a similar setup from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The setup was not apparent for a while, but it became apparent about five minutes before the consummate moment.

The driving force in the movie is the 20 year old couch potato getting everybody to repeat the night as they actually lived it, because they figured out he was likely conceived around that time (yeap, it was around nine months prior his birth), the nephew was flashing out in a sex scene and everyone figured it all out, sex happened, and the 20 year old stopped flashing in and out (as mom & dad are doing the in and out). QED, we know who Dad is. Shortly after the 20 year old’s conception the group returns to their proper time all except for Motley Crue dude who stays behind and uses his knowledge of the future to enrich himself and turn his and his loser buddies’ lives around. A combination of Back to the Future and a storyline from one of its sequels. Yes, a band headed by one of the buddies does a song from the future too.

One difference is, Marty McFly’s time-travels were to times he had never been in before, and the time travelers in this movie (with the exception of the nephew) went back to a time and place they had been to. This led to the characters being conflicted about trying to do things differently and avoid the nasty situation coming up, but for the nephew they needed to relive them. Somewhat like the Star Trek episode of City at the Edge of Forever where Kirk knows his love interest must die to keep Earth on track.

This having to relive bad moments is the interesting component of the movie. All of us have many moments in life we wish we could relive and “get right” but the driving force in this movie is the need to relive the moments exactly as they happened in the past. That would probably not be a real good spot to be in, knowing you need to get the crap beaten out of you all over again.

I will admit, I was disappointed there was not more skiing or snow action. I suspected there would be a lot of “hardcore party” action going on and that did not disappoint, however, it did not make up for what I consider to be a weak movie. I have no doubt The Churchman hates this film and all associated with it and there is a lot of boozing, drugs, and sex in the movie; it is definitely not a movie for children or those with “straight and narrow” sensibilities.

Don’t feel because the movie has a connection to snowsports you as a skier or snowboarder need to see the first “ski movie” in a long time. In fact, skiing figures only in the scene immediately after they wake up in 1986 and after that it does not figure at all. It is not a ski movie and I recently saw The Hangover and this movie is roughly the same thing.

I guess in the end I gave up what may have been a great NCAA March Madness game to see that movie and I feel ripped off: I missed the game and I miss my money.

Good Stuff!

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