Obituary — The 2012-2013 Snow Season

An Obituary

The 2012-2013 snow season passed away today after a brief but valiant struggle with warmness.

The 2012-2013 snow season was born in November of 2012 and experienced a sickly childhood struggling against warmness and lack of snowfall. However, in Late January of 2013 the cold and snow came on strong and the snow season of 2012-2013 grew into a strong winter and from that point on provided hundreds of thousands with snow joy! The early struggles with warmness gave the 2012-2013 snow season the strength to persevere way past its expected death but unfortunately it contracted the warms again and this time it succumbed.

Snow season 2012-2013 is survived by Summer 2013 and was preceded in death by Spring 2013. Other survivors include hundreds of thousands of snowmobiles, skiers, snowboarders, ice-fishermen, and others who will not sit idly by during the life of winter.

Funeral services for Snow season 2012-2013 will be held at parks, lakes, beaches, bike trails, roads, ball parks, all over the world during Summer 2013. In lieu of sending flowers, please plant them along with your vegetables and trees.

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