The Anticipation

A special early edition of The Last Ride.

I hate anticipation, but what is life without anticipation?

I hate anticipation because it is essentially wishing your life away, but let me tell you I’m looking forward to carving things up. Anticipation also takes away from the enjoyment of the here and now or at least it may take the focus you need here and NOW to get the things you need to do here and NOW.

A lot of us anticipate the weekend we are anxious for it come sooner. Of course, there is good reason for this, this is when time is sorta our own. We have may have appointments, tasks, chores, and other obligations, but those we choose willingly not out of sense of compulsion or the feeling of compulsion is much lower than it is during the week. You may love your work but all work comes with a sense of compulsion.

While I am writing this I am quite anxious to kick off my 2011 ski & snow season. While you read this I may be laying down tracks. I can’t wait for this and my wife will get a charge out of it. She will see me packing a day or two ahead of our departure, she will see me cleaning gear, she will see me performing other preparations well in advance, and seeking to KNOW certain things rather than shrug it off half-hoping and half-thinking things are a certain way.

Anticipation is not all bad but it is certainly not good.

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