How Long Will this Ski Season Last in Wisconsin?

A frequent question I see being asked is How long is the Wisconsin Ski Season? Here is one answer to that but I think we are looking for more concrete guidance than that.

How Long Will this Ski Season Last? — My Guess

Already, ski resorts in Wisconsin are closing for the season with at least one closed for the season, and I suspect there are more. Even with abundant snow, most people are complaining about winter dragging on and want to bust out their golf clubs and skiing is not at the top of their list of to-do activities (it should be, this is real sweet of late). So, even if the resorts have good or even excellent snow conditions they shut down due to lack of public interest. If you have tickets for resorts use them up quick!

However, there are a few resorts out for bragging rights. Ski Brule and Granite Peak are two of those resorts and work hard to be the first to open and the last to close for a given season. Given current snow conditions, I believe it is safe to say they will be operating into mid-April. Mind you, one week of warm and rainy weather changes that very quickly and the risk of that grows each day.

In short, I would not say there is plenty of Wisconsin skiing left but the supply is definitely dwindling. Get your runs in NOW!

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  1. Wisconsin Resorts are definitely shutting down now for the 2012-2013 snow season, but as of now (April 5, 2013) there are regional resorts still operating, with 4-6 inches of snow expected UpNort today!

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