Signs of the Times

Sign of the Times -- Autum Leaves in a Woods
By these signs you will know the time is nigh!

St. Borreal of Taos sends his greetings to the seven ski hills.

I was asleep at the base Mount of Taos and I was whisked away by a great chair on odd looking trees and vines and when I reached the top of the mountain an angel in a tent and an angel in red and white garb greeted me. I got off of the chair and the approached me and told me to mark well what was about to be revealed to me.

The angel, who revealed his name to me as Skipa Trol guided me to a location where there was a clearing in the woods and and a young boy came to me and cried:

When will it be time? We have waited in misery and heat, when will it be time?

I asked the angel Skipa Trol what was troubling the youth, and he would not answer me but pointed to a vision of woods where there were many men and they were all clothed in bright orange and bearing instruments that I could not comprehend. The instruments would strike deers of the woods dead and I was awestruck by the power of the instruments. Skipa Trol then said let that be a sign for all to heed!

Skipa Trol then took me to another clearing where there was a woman with her feet attached to a board and she was wailing and when she saw me with Skipa Trol she started to hop at us and wailed and gnashed her teeth demanding we turn on the snowma kingma chines and the angel Skipa Trol told her to mind the code. Skipa Trol then revealed to me a big pile of orange orbs. Skipa Trol then grabbed an orb and peeled it and ate it, he exhorted me to do likewise and it was a clementine! Skipa Trol said there is your second sign!

I asked Skipa Trol to what did the signs point? Skipa Trol told me to wait and all would be clear. So then he took me to a and old building in the trees, when we went in the leaves on the trees were green. We went in and I saw another angel Skipa Trol hailed as Dyer Maker, Dyer Maker greeted me saying: “Hail St. Borreal of Taos full of vim and vigor, the edge is with you.” Dyer Maker then talked to me, but I could not recall what Dyer Maker said to me and my recording instrument did not work. Skipa Trol then said in a loud voice: IT IS TIME, come with me or you will miss it. When we left the building the leaves on the trees were orange. Skipa Trol told me the orange leaves are yet another sign of trials to come.

I was amazed and troubled, what did the signs portend? The coming of the taxman? My dental appointment, my date with Ho Ttie? Skipa Trol then took me down the mountain to a large temple at the base of the mountain and another angel this one named Je Ssica greeted me and bid me to enter the temple. The angel then waved a wand and images of men swatting at, throwing, and fighting over an orange orb appeared. Je Ssica said there is yet one more sign and they bid me to sleep which I did.

I came back to, how long I slept I could not tell, but when I awoke the mountain was covered in snow as white as snow and a chorus of people in the temple shouted repeatedly: “Who is worthy to take first tracks? Who will track the mountain first?” I wept as no one proved worthy to answer the chorus and and then shortly after I started weeping Skipa Trol and Je Ssica grabbed two boards, two boots, and two sticks and poked me in the chest with one of the sticks and in unison shouted “YOU! YOU St. Borreal of Taos you shall take the first tracks.” I wept louder as I was not worthy, where was the likes of Glennpla Ke or War Ennmiller? Still the angels insisted I take first tracks and explained: “By these signs we showed to you, you shall know ski season approaches.. Now go and track the snow!”

Indeed, by those signs will know ski and snow season approaches!

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