Top 10 Reasons We Ski in the Upper Midwest!

Here are the top ten reasons we ski in the Upper Midwest. Some may call them rationalizations, you be the judge!


We can ski 40 runs or so a day, in Colorado you can only ski 20 or so (tops). Twice the runs here!


After a hard day of skiing you can sit out on a lake and relax by ice fishing. I don’t recall too much ice fishing happening in Vail.


Where else can you ski on so much man-made snow?


The lift rides are not so long.


One word: Oxygen


Duh! We live here!


In the early season can one watch the Packer game in a Colorado lodge? Unless they play the Donkey’s I don’t think so.


One can only afford one expensive vacation every other year and this year it is to a warm and sunny place.


No secret service agents ever get in our way (I never fall it was their fault)!


Rahvles, Miller, et al. Do they ski on powder? Nope, they ski on hard snow, just like we have here in the Upper Midwest!

Good Stuff!

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