Summer Leaves Are Blown Away

Anticipating Winter

Summer Leaves
Summer Leaves are Blown Away!
Summer Leaves are Blown Away
Summer Leaves Are On Their Way Out

Wind and rain, now tell me why, summers fade and roses die. The answer came, the wind and rain. Golden hills now filled in grey, summer’s leaves are blown away — and what remains, the wind and rain…’

That comes from the Grateful Dead’s Weather Report Suite Part I/Introduction (prior to Let it Grow on the Studio Album).

That song expresses a deep sadness, forlornness, and hope (we’ll see summer come again) on the exit of summer.

But, for ski nuts it is a time of excitement and anticipation. Even though I do love hanging out in tropical locations (as I did last January) [this post was originally written in 2007] I need the change of seasons, this was true even before I skied.

Winter brings hardships no doubt. Expensive energy bills and slippery roads. The discomfort of cold does not bother me too much. I dress warmly and wear a cap and gloves if the weather demands it and even if it does I do get used to the cold weather.

In fact as busy as this summer was I look forward to the winter in order to relax and rest. Isn’t that a part of winter is about for modern man? To rest, much like the plants that sleep for the season. While we rest and relax we are not still, our activities on the ski hills, cross-country ski trails, and snowmobile trails of America show otherwise.

Enjoy the song (unfortunately, Part II is *_WAY_* more popular than the Introduction and this is about it for the Intro from which the quote above the fold was taken):

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