Steeplechase Ski Area

Just found out that Steeplechase Ski Resort in Minnesota is non-operational and has been for sometime.

I was checking out the map for that very reason and when I clicked the Steeplechase star the page that opened up was a default page indicating the website was down. When I followed up on the whois data one number was not in service and contacting the technical contact led me to discover this information.

When I look at Steeplechase’s location it is no wonder why it closed. That part of Minnesota is flat and sparsely populated and the population that is there is probably older too.

So, in order to deal with this situation the Steeplechase star on the map directs you back to the Wisconsin Skier map. I will have to look into blanking the star out.

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  1. Actually, Steeplechase was a nice little ski resort. Good hills for the area, close to Rochester, MN.

    The reason they closed was really 2 fold. There are (by my count) 4 other more established (and larger) ski areas within 45 miles of them; competition was pretty steep. However, they were still busy their first 2 years.

    The 3rd year was exceptionally warm, and if memory serves, they were maybe open 2 months, and missed all of Christmas break for the schools. The larger area can weather a warm winter, but being they were so new, and a mom & pop shop…I just don’t think they could carry the debt load and went under.

    Anyway…it wasn’t an ‘older population’ thing, or flat, the Zumbro River gave them some (granted) smaller, but nice hills for the price.

    Using the church as their lodge was cool too.

  2. Dor,

    Thanks for the perspective and the comment, really appreciate it.

    Still, it is a sad thing. Blackjack in the UP of Michigan nearly went away, fortunately, another group of ski hill owners picked it up and is keeping it going. Again, there is a lot of ski resort choice in the area.

    Hope you become a regular here!
    Thanks again, The Wisconsin Skier.

  3. Dor,
    Do you know the location, i.e: road or county road that Steeplechase was located. I have tried to find the place, I know it’s closed, but I like to look at old ski areas. I live in that area, but have never been able to find the “remains”.
    Thanks, Cosmic

  4. In order to get to steeplechase right now you have to know the combination to the gate. Otherwise look it up on the Internet and find the listing for sale. The ski resort along with 172 acres are for sale right now for $1,050,000. It includes an 8000 square-foot ski lodge, for chairlifts, time in equipment, snow tubes, towrope, mountain biking trails. The property is extremely beautiful and 15 miles from Rochester, which is the largest growing city in Minnesota and has an extremely young population base

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