Iron River’s Riverside Pizza

Ahhhh, a hard day of bending boards gets a guy hungry, even if they have a great big Youper Omelet for breakfast.

I have dined in Riverside Pizza in the past but it was years ago and have long forgotten about that experience and about the only thing I could remember was thin crust pizza.

Anyway, Riverside Pizza was easier to find than the breakfast joint. How was it?

Good Thin Crust

Hmmm, probably about the best thin crust I’ve had anywhere. There are lots of thin crust pizza pies available but I find they need Smilin’ Bob for help. However, the crust at the Riverside was good, the edge pieces had a good crispness and you could hold a slice out and it would stay horizontal. The inner pieces were cut smaller and they did seem a bit softer. So I give them a lot of credit for this. There was no thick crust on the menu.


A good sauce will cover up a lot of pizza sins and this sauce seemed rather plain, slightly more pizazz than a plain tomato sauce but barely, this was very disappointing.


The toppings were okay but nothing great. The cheese was adequate, the onions and mushrooms were onions and mushrooms, but they did not offer green & red peppers toppings (black olives were there but my dining companion does not like them so I held off) but they did have anchovies available as a topping which is rare and I suppose a treat if you like anchovies on your pizza pie.

The pepperoni was fine no quibbles or qualms there, but the sausage left a distinct and very puzzling taste in my mouth. I did not dislike the sausage but I’m not certain I can say I liked it either. My recollection is the only distinct flavor of it was black pepper but that does not seem right either.


Service was fine no qualms about that, the woman behind the bar (where we were seated) turned the nearby TV onto NCAA basketball quickly after our request, our food took a bit of time, but we knew we did not go into a fast food joint.


Riverside Pizza was so-so and while I would return to Riverside Pizza I would only do so at the behest of someone else or if other considerations (namely time & travel) dictated it.

Where would I go for pizza? That is a subject for another Wisconsin Skier review!

Good Stuff!

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