Major Upgrade to the Wisconsin Skier

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of my fellow Americans!

The Wisconsin Skier Upgrade

I have finally decided to rollout the new look and feel to The Wisconsin Skier. I created the theme based on work for a client of mine and on Matthew James Taylor’s Holy Grail layout. I took that layout structure, added the PHP I needed, changed the default styling, and added new CSS as needed to make the layout suit my needs. Matthew James Taylor has a number of different layotus, they are all basic structures you need to add your own doo-dads to make it work with your CMS, but doing that is both fun and a great learning experience.

The Background Image

Is not from Wisconsin, but is a photo I took when we visited Monarch Ski and Snowboard Area in Salida Colorado. One of the two images currently in the header comes from Nordic Moutain nearby my residence here in Wisconsin. It is the on the snow picture of the corduroy. I might change up that background on a regular basis.

New Header Menu

The biggest change is to replace the page category menu in the header with the article category menu. The articles are the important content so I bring them to the fore. The page category menu will return but I need to figure out how to best fit it in. Also, a lot of sidebar content is gone, some may come back, some may get moved to a page. Right now, I need to do some additional theme styling as currently siebar content below the advertisements & the poll gets lost in the trees, that is right, you can’t see the widgets for the trees!

I have reworked the article categories and will endeavor to keep them as static as possible, adding only at the bottom of a category hierarchy and keeping each level to no more than five or six categories wide. Pages will go into a similar menu, but that menu will be in a sidebar and vertical, pages I hope to keep both narrow and shallow (article categories is going to be narrow and deep).

Other Changes

One major change yet to come involves a new logo, alas, inspiration has been lacking on the logo and header. I also definitely want to add search functionality to the header, make it as easy as possible. The map is still not ready for prime-time, I hope to have that up by start of 2011-2012 ski season.

I added categories in a way that gives me flexibility to write about non-skiing content too.

I Hope

The changes are visually pleasing and make it easier for you to find content. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! Thank You!

Full Credit

Matt Taylor prefers the following link when getting credit, so I add this:

Art and Design by Matthew James Taylor

Good Stuff!

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