Sony A55 — Further Impressions

Legacy Lens Capability

This was one of the biggest selling points of the Sony line to myself. You see, that Sigma 300 mm F/2.8 lens set me back a few bucks and it wasn’t the dollars down the river I was concerned about, it was sending more down the river to replace the lens. I recently read some photography columnists and writers say just get new lenses. Well, I can not justify that extra expense and when one sees the format difference between 35 mm and APS-C multiplies the focal length by 1.5x and doesn’t cost you any speed, what is the problem?

So far, my old Minolta lenses work fine with the Sony A55. They focus quick and expose properly. However, I do have one lens that got a little beat up and the autofocus does not work (you can hear the mechanics working but the linkage between the AF motor and the lens focusing mechanism is broken) and I suspect manual exposure settings on that lens are also broke. I could get good auto-exposed manually focused shots, but when I attempted to set the exposure in full manual all of my shots turned out severely under-exposed. Yes, I did set the manual exposure to what the camera was doing in A, S, and automatic modes. I will have to check out how my other lenses manually expose.

My 2x tele-converter similarly works fine. It communicated just fine between the camera and lens and I was able to auto-focus fine with it.


Hmmm, don’t have to much time with it, but my initial impression of stock battery life is not good. I had charged the battery up, took a handful of pictures, shot a few videos of no more than one minute long, took some more photos (again a limited number) and then I took the camera UpNorth (of course, I left the charger behind, but at least this time I had the mounting plates for my war-pod) and managed to get one photograph in before it ran of energy in the battery. Oh well, we’ll see and I am guessing since I plan to do a lot of cold weather photography I will have at least one more battery sooner or later.


Not much chance to look at the photos yet. I have installed DigiKam on my print-server (and home back up Internet access system) and on my laptop. I then spent a brief amount of time viewing my photos via PTP via DigiKam. I did not transfer the photos or otherwise manipulate them, but instead was content to zoom in and out, look at the Exif data and note the star on the globe denoting where the photo was taken. Yeah, the camera has GPS and I have it on (hmmm, sse battery section).

General Impression

I am obviously learning the camera yet, so I do not want to get down on what I view as its quirks yet. It is a tool and like any other tool it has benefits, it has drawbacks, and it has quirks.

Good Stuff!

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