Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad and its Connection to Skiing

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad and its Connection to Skiing
The AMC series Breaking Bad is nearly done telling the story of Walter White. Seems odd for a ski writer to discuss this series, but there is a real ski connection at least in my mind. When the series premiered on AMC it was winter time and I see AMC premiered the show on Sunday January 20, 2008 . I had returned from a weekend of skiing and I do not remember much about the skiing but I got home and settled in downstairs and while I did not catch the pilot at the first minute, I recall watching that pilot. I associate the series with skiing.

Breaking Bad — First Season and then Some

I watched the first season and most of the second season but I drifted away from the show and did not keep up with it. I would catch bits and pieces of it but I never reestablished the pattern of watching the show. In fact, I consciously avoid being hooked to most TV period. Even if I am sitting in front of the TV I grow bored quickly with it and switch channels and often times do not return to the original show I had on. I usually have the laptop up and am working to create instead of consume.

Breaking Bad — Nasty Stuff

Wow, I remember it being easier to watch back then. I watch now with a feeling of severe loathing and disgust, in fact I say those feelings spill over from the mental into the physical. I have seen other films with such themes and none affect me anywhere near as much as my recent spate of watching this series. I suppose I can find it easy assuming the role of Walter given that he started out a normal family man and transformed into brutal drug kingpin. Many have commented on how it is hard for us to identify with Tony Soprano as he was bad from the start. However, we watch Walter slowly transform from good to evil. Walter faces choices and each time he chooses evil over the good.

The old cliché is the key to keep things from getting lower is to stop digging. Unfortunately for some of us each scoop of dirt is so small we do not think we are doing much damage or much evil, but over time those many small scoops add up.

Breaking Bad — Do You Watch It?

Do you watch the show share with us what you think of the show.

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