RIP Baby Lupine

Practicing Macro Photography

RIP Baby Lupine
75 mm macro lens, F/22, 1 second at ISO 100

Baby Lupine
Germinating Lupine
And its all over baby lupine.

What this image is, is a lupine flower just after it germinated and is one of a set of three seeds that germinated (out of about eight total). The photo was taken using my 50 mm macro lens and today I do not have the exif data immediately handy (DigiKam is having problems) so I can not tell you about the exposure. However, the photo is about as close as I can get, the full sized full resolution photo is incredibly detailed and he hairs (in the center of the sprout) you can barely see are very large, in focus and reveal, incredible detail. However, I do not want to give you too much, but look below for a snippet of those lupine hairs! The other piece of legacy equipment was my Benbo tripod and I used the delay timer to trip the exposure.

Lupine Hairs
The Fine Hairs of the Lupine
This image is not scaled up at all, but it is clipped out of the full sized full resolution image. The detail is incredible and this is one reason I just love macro-photography, there is so much to explore at the minute level.

Why the RIP?

The sprout and its two siblings died. Why? I don’t know, I’ve been keeping them moist with nightly waterings, but perhaps they need more? Oh well, we will try again, this time I will keep them inside and start them with an overnight soaking and then wrap them up in paper toweling and place them on the soil that way. Our foxgloves did not germinate either, I will take the same approach with them.

Anybody have tips or hints on starting lupines and foxgloves? Thanks!

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