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Young Ski Racer
Do not douse the passion for skiing
Very closely I watched the USSA J4/J5/J6 Finale at Ski Brule on March 6 and 7. It was fun to watch these children ski and engage in friendly competition. Much is made of youth competition, coaches try hard to build winning teams or athletes, parents push their children hard to practice, and competition league officials try too hard make their leagues rigorous and by the book.

The only group not participating in all of that fuss are the children.
While I was watching the children wait for the turns some of them would mill about at the bottom of the starting house and they would do what children best and that is find creative ways to burn their energy and not just with themselves but with each other. Perhaps the play was among children from the same ski teams but I would not be surprised to find children who had just met each playing together.

They were having fun. I hope they all had fun skiing too, win or lose. I hope none of those children were fearful of wrathful parents or coaches. Sometimes we as adults forget to have fun. We take an activity and we turn it into work and dull monotony. I know, I know; sometimes dull monotony is needed, sometimes we need to practice the same thing over and over.

Some may state it is a balancing act between monotony and doing fun stuff. Maybe, but I have found if I am truly passionate about something I will work at it even it seems like dull monotony to others. This is something that extends outside of skiing and sports. If someone truly wants something and loves doing something they will work at it until they achieve perfection. I will pick at an image pixel by pixel, I will run the same course over and over on a snowmobile, I will ski the same run over and over, etc until I judge the work perfect (or I achieve the goal I set).

For sure, children may not necessarily understand the level of commitment needed to achieve and need adult guidance until they understand the needed commitment. Teach them love of the sport first and if little Johnny or Susie loves the sport the determinatio will follow.

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