Sony A55 — My First Published Photograph

I don't know, must've been the roses
Don Juan
This is the first photograph I am publishing from my Sony A55. The exif data shows the shot to be using my 70-210 mm F/2.8 lens zoomed out to 210 mm (315 mm 35 mm equivalent) and the camera choose ISO 1600 as its sensitivity, and the exposure is F/9.0 with a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second. The photo is handheld and is taken from about 8′ above the bloom. The straw is a bit out of focus which is good, as the subject is the rose itself.

I have scaled down the photograph quite a bit and when the photograph is at full size the amount of detail visible in the rose is incredible. However, you need to settle for a 300×278 watermarked photograph. It isn’t the greatest photo, the bloom is the first one coming out a less than ideal growing conditions and is not so much a thought out composition, but just a shot taking the new tool for its first spin.

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As you can see, the rose is just starting to explode with blooms and yes it is doing just that. The best one is blooming off a cane that stuck its head through the nearby trellis and is blooming in the shade of the deck, I hope that cane will weave its way back out and around the trellis. This rose is one of three that came back from last season and the only Don Juan that came back. We have a New Dawn climber and a Christian Dior tea rose from last year that are doing well.

We replace the two don juans in this planter with what were labeled as don juan root stock, but they are brand-x. Both appear to be some sort of ground cover rose and are blooming pink bloooms. Oh well, I will be sure to buy a big bale of marsh grass this fall!

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