The Badgers Win! YEAH and MEH!

Last Saturday evening the University of Wisconsin (football) Badgers won a close game against the Michigan State (football) Spartans. The game was close the whole way through with the Badgers and Spartans trading leads and momentum. Again it was a last minute ending, ending on what appeared to be a Spartan punt return for a game-winning TD (or close enough). However, a Spartan defender ran into the punter and the Badgers got the ball back and assumed the victory formation to seal the win, the first Big 10 championship (new format), and a berth to the Rose Bowl. Yeah for the Badgers.

The two games these teams played this year show them to be evenly matched and the difference being chance events.

Now for the MEH part.

I was in no way involved with that achievement. I can not even say I was part of the funding of the achievement as the Badger football program is the only self-funding UW program. That is why I say MEH, it gives me a temp buzz of happiness but that is now gone (however, the buzz of disappointment might stay a bit longer)..

This event found me completely as a passive consumer happily “eating” what the TV was feeding me. Now don’t read too much into that, this is one of the things I will commit time too, but it doesn’t the match the thrill of me skiing fast down a hill or mountain somewhere. In fact, now I have my appetite whetted for working out, I’ld rather be doing that.

So a hearty congratulations to our Wisconsin Badgers, enjoy YOUR victory and YOUR achievement.

Good Stuff!

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