Skiing in Afghanistan

Watch out! It may be an Olympic cycle or two, but check but Afghanistan is commencing on building an Alpine ski team!

Of course, I am being a bit sarcastic above, but things like this are important. I am convinced another factor in the growth of Western civilization is our games and recreation. We all have energy and go stir-crazy and need activities to blow that energy off, and our sports serve that and also serve the need to compete. We do need to compete.

Youths will find ways to compete and if that competitive drive is not properly bled off the result will be real blood. Afghanistan has been wracked by war since like before recorded history and unless the youth of Afghanistan are given another way to prove their mettle and get that adrenaline buzz they will continue to pray and spray their AK47s at each other.

Update: The photo and story I refer to is set in Bamyan Afghanistan. You may recall that is the scene of a Taliban crime, where they destroyed some ancient Buddha carvings. Let us hope they are unable to destroy the carving in this story!

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