Ski Dreaming

During the Offseason

Ski Dreaming
Ski Dreaming!

In another post here I have noted how I used to get the fishing catalogs in February & March and go nuts about the imminent fishing season. However, taking up skiing does one thing, it changes the type of catalog I view and the season.

One thing, I don’t view those catalogs in the summer or the fall. Typically I do so in the winter time when skiing is in the forefront of my mind. The catalogs are the trail maps of other ski resorts — namely those of mountain based ski resorts.

I download them and scan them over, kinda like a little kid looking at the toys and games in a Christmas catalog or as a fisherman reviewing the Cabela’s catalog in February and March. It drives me nuts.

It is funny, how looking at the trail maps in the comfort of one’s basement the blacks do not look so bad. I understand though, they are most likely runs I will not be taking on if and when I get to that resort.

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