Fueling the Ski Engine

Big Breakfast Meal!
Big Breakfasst Meal!

Big Breakfast Meal!
Big Breakfasst Meal!
One of the things that is important for a good day of skiing is a good breakfast.

Too often, we all skip breakfast in a dash out the door. Sometimes when skiing we stay up too late and that leads to staying in bed too late and rushing off to the slopes the next morning. Stop, eat a breakfast first! You will not only be able to ski more but you will ski better, and when lunchtime rolls around you will could possibly give it a miss or have a smaller quicker lunch.

How many times have you heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yeah, same as myself, many times. I have found this to be true. When working if I have not had a breakfast often times by 9:30 or so I start obsessing with lunch, rather than focusing on my work. This is true for skiing too.

Plus with skiing being a physical activity my legs often times start to lose their strength. Now where I ski I can usually deal with this and ski through till lunchtime. However, when I skied out west at Monarch Mountain. First day I did not have a good breakfast (I had one but not a huge one) and skied. Half way through the day I was done and having lunch did nothing to get me going again. What a waste that was.

That evening we sat in the hot tub and dipped in the swimming pool. I went to bed, woke up the next morning, had a huge and good breakfast. The result? I was able to ski the whole day. what a day that was. Yeah, my legs felt it at the end of the day, but I was able to ski the whole day.

If you are like myself and normally ski at an elevation-challenged resort make sure you fuel up the ski engine when skiing on hills endowed with more elevation. Even if you are skiing on elevation-challenged hills, it is just a good idea to have a good breakfast.

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