Some Twits are Really Twits

I read some opinions on whom one should follow and should not.

The rule of thumb for many people is to rfollow and one site I read today said to do just that. Another site, said nope, automatic rfollowing defeats the whole purpose of twitter. I guess this invites the question, what do you use twitter for and how do you decide who to follow and whom to not follow?

When I first started seriously using Twitter I was excited to get any attention I eagerly rfollowed in appreciation. However, as time went on I started to get fed up with receiving follows from those with a wise quote of the hour, yet another social media expert or service, and yes, the typical stuff of spam (pr0n, vigoro, vocdin, etc). So I stopped following the screamingly obvious stuff that was of non-interest to myself. Now I am getting fussier about rfollowing.

The reason is I am working Twitter to make human connections with those who are active online to promote skiing and snow sports! That is the bottom line. I make exceptions for those who I believe will deliver something I am interested in or have some other connection to. I follow some people due to their local nature, their politics, their sports passions, etc. A good test one site talked about using is to @-reply to a tweep, do they reply back or do they ignore your tweet? Even if the tweep is a snow sports person they still may be all about spam.

I have a couple of those on my list. One is notorious, I see their tweets run in about a two day cycle. Some of those tweets are of keen interest to myself, but when I reply about the possibility of “people litigating over Ted Ligety’s Ligaments” I hear nothing. Those are the tweeps that I am at odds with myself about dropping.

How do you chose whom to and whom not to follow?

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