Social Media Observations

I have been working this brand for sometime now and the road finally appears to be making a turn, I do not know how sharp the bend is but it is good to be turning a corner with this effort. Social media marketing and networking is the fuel moving my progress car to that bend. Here are some social media observations I want to share with you.

  1. Social Media Observations — The Human Touch
  2. The word to pay attention in social media is social! Be social and in any encounter between strangers one person needs to take charge and introduce themselves to the other, and if you are the one trying to get on that chair-lift to the top of the mountain take the initiative and introduce yourself! Comment on other’s websites, follow and interact with others on the various other social media networks. Do not be a stalker but reach out. Chances are you will be noticed and your network will start to grow.

    One lesson to learn is do not judge too quickly another’s online worth or influence. This also flows naturally from life. You never know what establishing a relationship with another person will lead to. Yes, I have spent quite a bit of times on websites that have withered to non-existence long ago, but eventually pure chance will lead you to the goods!

  3. Social Media Observations — The Channel is Two Ways
  4. One way communication is no fun and is minimally informative. The idea of social media is to inform and to do that you must be paying attention and interacting with others. If you send out communications and never respond to anyone you are not providing much value. People like (you and I alike) to feel we matter to people and replying humanly to social media interactions show that they do matter!

    Be human and interact with people on social media networks.

  5. Social Media Observations — Automate Wisely
  6. using various tools to automate the work and drudgery of social media is valuable, but do not overdo it. Do you like getting robo-called? Now repeat the same call ever few hours, guess what, even if the message is topical it can still be viewed as a nuisance. I use Hootsuite and have been using it to schedule tweets.

    New posts send out an initial tweet and then I use Hootsuite to publish new tweets with the post every few hours. Just recently, instead of posting the same exact tweet over and over again I vary the wording and the hashtags. That way, my tweet stays at the top of a good number of my followers and is getting distributed to a number of different relevant hashtags. Also, the tweets are less likely to be viewed as annoying spam.

    Even with the wise use of such tools, do not forget to be human when people interact with those tweets. Be gracious and thank those folks!

  7. Social Media Observations — Helping Those Who Help You!
  8. This is not necessarily quid-pro-quo, but when someone goes out of their way to help you out on social media try very hard to remember them at least as long (and even longer) than those who wrong you. Return favors and pass it on down as well.

Good Stuff!

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