Bring Back the Adventure Card!

Liftopia's List -- a bluebird day at Blackjack Ski Resort
A Bluebird Day at Blackjack!

The ski resorts located in what we refer to as big snow country used to participate in a joint marketing adventure. In the pre-season they would sell what they titled an adventure card. Purchasing one was the same as purchasing one lift ticket at each of the participating resorts.

What ever happened to that?

The Adventure Card Needs Revival
Hey Wisconsin, UP, and Minnesota snow resorts bring back the adventure card! Copyright The Wisconsin Skier
My first adventure card included punches for Blackjack, Indianhead, Whitecap, and Big Powderhorn ski resorts. Prior to that, the Porcupine Mountain ski resort also participated. As time went it whittled down Blackjack, Indianhead, and Big Powderhorn and then the program stopped.

Now, they have what (Indianhead, Blackjack, and Big Powderhorn) they term a hillhopper card entitling the bearer a lift ticket that can be redemeed and used to ski any of the three resorts in a single given day. So sorry, I consider that lame. Getting from one resort to the other in the normal fashion means about 1-½ hours burnt de-kitting, packing, driving, unpacking, re-kitting, etc. So, to get all three in means about burning about 4-½ hours in non-ski activity, more than half a normal day of skiing in our region. I don’t know, maybe they run a shuttle service for Hillhoppers?

I say bring back the card and let the skiers focus on one hill at a time, this hillhopper card would pressure people to blast their focus, those resorts are just big enough they do require some exploration until a skier can really let go and have fun.

Good Stuff!

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