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Snowboarders vs Skiers
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There is another installment in the ongoing Skiers vs Snowboarders discussion by Matt Gibson who writes a long article on the differences between skiers and snowboarders. I have never attempted to snowboard so I can not speak authoritatively on the differences. However the fight of skiers vs. snowboarders is usually blown out of proportion and is not a big deal.

We all know fights and controversies attract readers and there are a lot of writers looking for that, Matt is not adding to the fight, but is instead offering his thoughtful point of view as a skilled snowboarder to the discussion.

Skiers vs Snowboarders — Stanley Scraper

One common complaint of mine was snowboarders would jam up the lift unloading zones. They would sit down and do their thing. However, as the years go on I see fewer and fewer snowboards doing this, they clear out of the unloading zone and then find a spot. Either that or I am just better at dodging them, but I suspect they have figured out not to do that.

Matt says one thing I really relate to:

I found myself having to defend my choice of ride. These skiers wrongly assumed that I couldn’t traverse, that I couldn’t carve properly, and that I’d scrape all the snow off of the runs.

I have in the past referred to snowboarders as Stanley Scraper and even then I recognize “scrapers” are typically inexperienced snowboarders, even at the resorts I frequent I find good boarders and it really is a sight to behold when a good snowboarder is slicing their way down the hill.

However, most snowboarders I see are either scrapping and smearing their way down the hill or are trying to pull tricks and jumps.

Skiers vs Snowboarders
These guys are just concerned about skiing!

Skiers vs Snowboarders — Culture

The assumption snowboarders are younger than skiers is generally true but occasionally I see older folks riding snowboards but I generally see snowboarders as youths rebelling against the "lame" things their parents do. The "punkiness" I find associated with snowboarders is more strongly correlated with the general brashness of youth and the inevitable differences between the generations. In fact, I see the same things going on with young skiers. Of course, eventually those young "punks" get married, have children, and turn into full-fledged adults.

Skiers vs Snowboarders —Restrictions at Ski Resorts

Matt’s article talks of a handful of ski resorts that do not allow snowboarders and if they can stay open despite needlessly restricting their clientele, who are we to tell them what they can nor can not do with their property. In any event, there are plenty of resorts to choose from.

Skiers vs Snowboarders — Either Way Get out and Get Active!

I am not looking to convince everyone that my way is the best way. My main thing is to get outside and continue being active. If you want to do that by snowboarding instead of skiing I am all for that, if you would rather cross-country ski excellent, if you want to hop on a snowmobile and log miles good for you!

Skiers vs. Snowboarders — What is Your Opinion?

What do you think? Are you a snowboarder and what annoys you about skiers? How about you skiers and annoyances with snowboarders?

Good Stuff!

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  1. John,

    I find that boarders are much more aware on the unloading part, pus now that I think of it, it may be that the layout of the resort I am usually at may have something to do with that. In any event, snowboarders are much better about that.

    I stand by my notion that snowboarding is often a statement of rebellion. I agree though that will not last forever and as kids (those 21 years and older of course) are now turning to old-school beer brands I will guess that will occur to snowboarding and skiing too. Yeah, I see lots of young skiers tricking it out like snowboarders instead of trying to go fast and lay down carves or mash a mogul field.

    I’ll crack the jokes with my ski buddies but they are really just jokes.

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